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10/22/15 - Minions Inc Full Heroic Kill! Archimonde Down!

October 23 2015 - written by Somniorum at 12:25am

Minions Inc scored a super clean awesome kill on Heroic Archimonde tonight, bringing us up to a full clear on heroic!

Much and many thanks to our raiders, who bring all the DPS all the time. You guys are amazing even though I like to talk shit in Mumble.

10/8/15 - Minions Inc Mince Mannoroth (Heroic!)

October 9 2015 - written by Somniorum at 12:32am

Heroic Mannoroth

Minions Inc had a great night with progression and killed Mannoroth without that Midgethand dude's vocal fry distracting us with it's sensual nature.

Grats on the loot guys (hey look, DKP was useful!), and special thanks to all our new raiders. Get ready for next week and pushing into a full heroic clear!

9/15/15 - Minions Inc Progression Update!

September 16 2015 - written by Somniorum at 12:40am




Two more heroic bosses down this past couple of weeks, putting us at 10/13H progression people!

I'd love to have something up here clever, but I am going to Florida and packing at the last second, so here is your quick update!

9/1/15 - Minions Inc Kills all the Heroic Stuff!

September 2 2015 - written by Somniorum at 12:56am



Oh hi. Yeah, I forget to update this thing on occasion. DON'T JUDGE ME. I AM A BUSY WOMAN TRYING TO MAKE IT IN A MAN'S WORLD.

Minions Inc has killed a whole slew of new heroic bosses, most recently being Fel Lord Zakuun. Not only did we do that today, but we also learned that Novali has some questionable tastes in music by liking U2, and that Midgethand just may be bisexual. Anyway, for those counting, this puts us at 8/13 Heroic progression. More bosses to come on Thursday. I'm serious about the more bosses thing. We were on a freakin' roll tonight.

8/6/15 - Minions Inc Thrashes Three Heroic Bosses!

August 7 2015 - written by Somniorum at 12:43am

I can't get the damn picture extentions working for Chrome, so pictures are pending.


Minions had a great night, killing 3 progression heroic bosses and putting us at 6/13H progression!  We also learned that Clip would be willing to spend a night of passion with Chilela in order to tap Jessica Alba.  Priorities.

7/30/15 - Minions Inc Crushes Kormrok (Heroic)!

July 31 2015 - written by Somniorum at 12:27am



Minions Inc kicked off our FOCUS on heroic progression, with one new easy kill and two more forthcoming on Tuesday!  Stay tuned.  I usually put something witty here, but I am in a damned hurry.  Tune in on Tuesday for something witty!

This post was edited to include "FOCUS" because Midgethand bitched that we already cleared 2 heroic bosses.


7/16/15 - Minions Inc Take On Hellfire Assault and Iron Reaver (Heroic Kills!)

July 17 2015 - written by Somniorum at 12:24am


What is up, my people?  Minions Inc started heroic progression tonight with two smooth kills on Hellfire Assault and Iron Reaver.  How smooth were those kills, you may ask?  They were as smooth as Iied claimed his skin to be after filling his hot tub with Passion Natural Lube.  Yeah, I thought that it was weird that he would choose to do that as well, but no one can doubt that is one HELL of a bargin on personal lubricant.

Much thanks to our raiders/raid leaders and grats on all the loot.  May all our future progression kills be as smooth as Iied's lubed up legs.

6/5/15 - Minions Inc. Kills Heroic Blackhand!

June 5 2015 - written by Cliporis at 12:49am

4/2/15 - Minions Best Blast Furnace on Heroic

April 2 2015 - written by Somniorum at 10:38pm


Veiltear's mom has AIDS.

WoD Normal/Heroic 30m (The Blast Furnace, Blackhand)  04/02/15 Loot:

Essence of the Iron Protector » Pantiz (100 DKP)
Essence of the Iron Vanquisher » Darkhorne (100 DKP)
Overdriven Spaulders » disenchanted (0 DKP)
Slagbomber's Hood » disenchanted (0 DKP)
Leggings of the Iron Protector » Quickhoof (350 DKP)
Furnace Tender's Treads » Somniorum (100 DKP)


March 15 2015 - written by Unknown at 03:26pm
Hello everyone. So we had progression kills while I was on my laptop. I'm a horrible person and totally forgot to post them. So yes, pending screenshots of Kromog and Oregorger.
AS A BONUS, HERE IS OUR MARCH KILL OF HEROIC IRON MAIDENS. This brings our total up to 8/10 on heroic, for those keeping track.

Iron Maidens Kill

I have more than one job now, so there is that. :P

class 1 Death Knight 1
class 2 Druid 1
class 3 Hunter 2
class 4 Mage 2
class 5 Paladin 1
class 6 Priest 2
class 7 Rogue 1
class 8 Shaman 1
class 9 Warlock 1
class 10 Warrior 1
class 11 Monk 1
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